Hi Nubrella,

As you may know, CNBC is re-airing episodes of Shark Tank. We’re currently airing seasons two and three, but season one will air most likely in the spring.  I produce the Outside the Tank series for and I’ve profiled former guests as well as the Sharks. I was wondering if you’d be interested in being profiled for that series.

Please let me know if you have any questions –

With thanks,

Liza Hughes – Producer


Hi Alan,

I just wanted to check in with you regarding our Makers series. We shot our pilot this past weekend with the inventions that the network selected. The network had to make careful decisions because of how important the pilot was. However, I know the producers still think there’s a place for Nubrella in a future episode. So I just wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten you and we’ll be in touch when the time comes. Thanks again for sending everything over to us under our tight deadlines.

Best Regards,



Good Afternoon,

My name is Peter Richardson and I work for a UK TV production company called North One Television. We produce various shows for all the major channels including the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5; feel free to see what shows we’ve produced in the past by checking out our website here.

I’m currently working on an established prime-time gadget/ technology series for Channel 4 called Gadget Man. We’re currently producing an episode surrounding the typical British vacation, which will include innovative gadgets useful in the great outdoors. We have recently been reading up on the Nubrella which we would love to include on the show.

I was hoping the opportunity to show off your product to a UK prime-time audience made up of millions would be appealing. The previous series has gone onto be shown in over 30 other countries extending the reach of the products and companies that were featured. Please feel free to watch an episode from last year by clicking here.

I wanted to extend this free exposure opportunity to you guys at Nubrella and would love to discuss this with you further.

Warm regards,

Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson | Researcher | Gadget Man |


Dear sir/madam,

I’m writing from The Travel Show (formerly Fast Track) that broadcasts globally on the BBC World News Channel. It will also be shown on BBC 2 in the UK from next week.  The programme has lots of different travel features including a monthly gadget review section. Here is a link to the last instalment: I was hoping you would be able to send us a press sample of the nubrella that we can include in the segment.
Would that be possible? And do you have a UK distributor that could send us one? We’re filming a week today, so it would be great if I could get a sample for then.

Many thanks,

Jo. Joanne Whalley | Producer

The Travel Show | BBC World

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